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Why I want to fail

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard a little bit about GiftHorse and what we hope to achieve.

GiftHorse is a New Zealand-based online gift store, set up to raise funds for charities and schools throughout the country. We don’t discriminate, and will support any charity or school that wishes to take advantage of our site for fundraising purposes.

Obviously, right now I’d like GiftHorse to be a success. But in the long run, I hope that we fail miserably. This might sound crazy, but let me explain...

What I really want is a future where GiftHorse is no longer needed.

A future where New Zealand, unpolluted by industry, carelessness and greed, actually lives up to its “clean, green” image.

A future where schools don’t have to fundraise for basic resources because they actually receive adequate government funding.

A future where those in our society who are sick, disabled or disadvantaged in any way are cared for and have their physical and emotional needs met, to the point where charities and volunteers are no longer required to support them.

A future where animal sanctuaries are virtually unheard of, not because people have stopped caring, but because these vulnerable creatures are no longer used and abused in the first place.

I could go on like this forever, but I think you get the idea!

Some day soon our country will be a kinder, fairer, greener place to live. But until then, we are honoured to support the amazing organisations working to achieve this.

Lauren x

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