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Le’Esscience Essential Oil Body & Synergy Treatments


Le'Esscience Dispensary was based in Wellington for 5 years but moved to Roxburgh, Central Otago in March 2015. A qualified Clinical Aromascience Practitioner, owner Gillian Parkinson has a passion for and has been using essential oils for over 20 years. 

Le'Esscience's lovely range of therapeutic essential oil products are blended by hand in New Zealand. They are made from 100% pure high quality therapeutic grade (not cosmetic grade) essential oils and high quality carrier oils. Gillian's products are all completely natural, vegan, cruelty free and contain no palm oil (or other palm products). Nothing synthetic is added. 

"Synergies can be used in several ways  - lovely steam inhalations, add to a relaxing bath, in a room vaporiser and one of my favourites, drops on a tissue which you can pop down your top (or in your pocket), you will get wafts of the synergy all day - you can also inhale it throughout the day to help relieve what ever ails you".

Gillian's body oil blends on the other hand, are intended for direct skin application. They are less concentrated, so are generally not appropriate for use with vaporisers or in the bath. 

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