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About Us

GiftHorse is a non-profit organisation based in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand. Our goal is to raise funds for other non-profit groups, charities and schools throughout the country, and to make it easy for Kiwis to support the causes they’re passionate about.
Non-profit groups are welcome to make use of our online gift store for fundraising purposes, by encouraging friends and family to shop with us (and asking that they select their organisation from the drop-down menus).
Since the option to select a charity is given on the pages for individual products rather than at the checkout, it is easy for customers purchasing more than one item to split their donation between two or more organisations.
So if for example, a customer wants to support their child’s school, an animal sanctuary, their local community garden, and the nearest food bank, this can be done effortlessly, all in one place, while they take care of their Christmas shopping!
Each item in our store is clearly labelled with the amount that will be given to charity, so customers will know exactly how much they are helping their cause. (And organisations will know which products to promote over others if they want to maximise their fundraising potential).  
As a charitable organisation, we aim to only stock items that have been produced ethically and sustainably, so that no group of people or animals is harmed for the advancement or benefit of another.
You will notice that many of our products are made right here in New Zealand, while others are manufactured under fair labour conditions overseas.
Therefore, when you buy from GiftHorse you provide not only for the charities you came here to support, but also for the World’s most socially and environmentally responsible craftspeople and manufacturers. And we think that’s pretty cool!