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Labour Blend & Clary Sage Bundle (Pregancy Safe, to be used in childbirth)


Labour Blend & Clary Sage Bundle (Pregancy Safe, to be used in childbirth)

Clary Sage & Lavender are two of the essential oils used in this 50mL Labour body blend - the combination of the e/oils help with pain relief, strenghten contractions and may speed delivery, it also helps to keep you calm and eases any panicky feelings.  The blend is very calming and soothing. It smells beautiful and is also a very good tonic to the uterus.
It has a balancing affect so it is highly recommended to use the blend 2x a day (rubbing it on the belly) for 10-14 days after the birth, this will greatly assist in rebalancing the hormones and may lessen 3rd day blues.
The blend is used by rubbing on tummy & lower back as soon as contractions start, then re-apply every 30-60 mins throughout labour.
The labour blend is a 'stronger' dilution rate than usual due to the 'purpose' of the blend - wanting it to work quickly rather than waiting for the cumulative effect to kick in (over a few days).  Do not use the blend any longer than 14 days - if you wish to use longer than 14 days (for hormone balancing), have a break for 3 days, then use a further 14 days.

Clary Sage (provided in a 7ml bottle, approx 140 drops) is fantastic to inhale during each contraction.  It stops panic, shock, anxiety and is very grounding, greatly helps you to focus during contractions.  Clients who have used this during labour absolutely swear by it.  You can also add 20 drops to a bath or 30 drops in a birthing pool. PLEASE NOTE: Clary Sage must not be ingested - and do not use more drops in a bath or birthing pool as instructed.

This blend is not suitable if you have very low blood pressure. 
Essential Oil blends are for external use only. 
All Le'Esscience treatments are made by a qualified Clinical Aromascience Practitioner.
Crafted from quality essential oils and carrier oils, they are completely natural, vegan, cruelty free and palm free. 
Made in New Zealand by Le'Esscience 
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