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Pregnancy SleepEase Blend 60mL (Pregnancy Safe)


Pregnancy SleepEase Blend 60mL (Pregnancy Safe)

Can't sleep? Would you like something natural to relax you, to ease you into a good nights sleep? The combination of the Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Bergamot & Orange essential oils in this blend will do it for you. Their properties are sedating & relaxing, very soothing.
Pour a small pool into your hand and rub a thin layer on your chest and neck, then swipe under your nose.  If you wake for a 'Mother Nature' call, just simply apply another swipe under the nose and you will be asleep again in no time. SleepEase will not leave you feeling heavy headed or lethargic in the morning. 

Use daily before bed for 4 -6 weeks, then 3 -4 times a week as maintenance.
Essential Oil blends are for external use only. 
Aromatherapy blends have a cumulative effect, the longer you use them, the better they get.
All Le'Esscience treatments are made by a qualified Clinical Aromascience Practitioner.
Crafted from quality essential oils and carrier oils, they are completely natural, vegan, cruelty free and palm free. 
Made in New Zealand by Le'Esscience 
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